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Wild salmon, steelhead and Pacific lamprey are dying by the thousands due to four outdated dams on the lower Snake River—dams that cost taxpayers millions to maintain and repair.

The time is now to remove these outdated, deadbeat dams, and we need your help in getting elected leaders to hear this message.

A very destructive bill—H.R. 3144—has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that would ultimately thwart efforts to protect endangered wild salmon, hinder development of a more efficient and reliable power system, and risk raising power rates in the region.

We need to show disapproval to this bill on all fronts. Public opposition from your senators and governors will send a strong signal that their constituents in the Pacific Northwest care about protecting wild salmon. Tell them to stand with you and oppose H.R. 3144 in any form.

With many steelhead and salmon populations seeing some of their lowest returns in years, the decision to remove the four dams on the lower Snake River is becoming inevitable. Last year over 400,000 concerned individuals flooded federal agencies with comments calling for the removal of these costly dams, but the lawmakers behind this bill are attempting to silence our voices.

Don’t let your voice be silenced. Speak up once again and support the movement to free the lower Snake River.

Returning the lower Snake River to a free-flowing state has tremendous potential to rejuvenate the region’s economy, revitalize its culture and heritage, restore wild salmon populations and the greater river ecosystem…and save taxpayers billions!

Act now and tell your U.S. senators and governor to raise their voices and oppose H.R. 3144 in any form. It’s time to demand real action now to save wild salmon and stop this destructive bill.

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Oppose all efforts to advance H.R. 3144; Free the Snake!

Dear Elected official,

As a constituent who cares deeply about saving endangered wild salmon and steelhead and preserving an irreplaceable regional way of life, I urge you to strongly oppose H.R. 3144 in any form and to take all steps you can to stop this legislation from becoming law including publicly opposing this bill. We urgently need your leadership to reject this misguided effort to preserve status quo operations of the Columbia River hydrosystem at the expense of wild salmon and the thousands of people and jobs that depend on healthy salmon runs.

This legislation is based on misleading and false claims about the value of four deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River. It would lock in status quo system operations that the courts have declared illegal and have found are deadly to wild salmon and steelhead, among other species.

Wild salmon, steelhead, and Pacific lamprey are dying by the thousands due to those four outdated dams, which cost taxpayers millions to maintain and repair. Meanwhile, energy produced by these dams is being replaced by clean energy alternatives. The dams' primary purpose, barge transportation, has declined nearly 70 percent since 2000. In five different rulings over 16 years, federal courts have rejected as illegal salmon "protection" plans that have continued these business-as-usual operations. These plans have cost regional ratepayers and federal taxpayers billions without recovering a single endangered salmon run.

H.R. 3144 ignores my voice and those of hundreds of thousands of people in the Northwest and around the country who in the past year have spoken out for dam removal, which scientists say is the single best thing we can do to save wild salmon.

Listen to your constituents: Preserve our iconic salmon and Pacific Northwest way of life by rejecting all efforts to advance H.R. 3144 in this Congress.

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