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No matter our political views, we all need clean water to live. And since 1972, the bipartisan Clean Water Act has protected our nation’s lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands from unregulated pollution and destruction.

The Obama administration previously announced it would take strong actions (through rules and other policies) to ensure that key pollution limits for streams, brooks, wetlands, lakes and other waters in every state remain in place. Now is the time for the Obama administration to follow through on this pledge. Please let the White House know you support efforts to make sure all "waters of the United States" remain protected by the Clean Water Act, as they have been for decades.

Why? Because water is life. Our children and future generations are counting on us to protect this country’s waters and keep them safe and clean—for drinking, swimming, fishing, and for healthy communities. Allowing the continued act of contaminating or destroying streams and draining and filling wetlands will threaten public health and increase flooding downstream, with significant public safety and economic implications for families and communities.

Once we allow our crucial waters to be contaminated or destroyed, we lose that water for our families and future generations. We can’t afford to sacrifice our country’s clean water for industry’s narrow short-term profit! Don’t allow public drinking water systems that use these at-risk waters and serve more than 117 million Americans, 5,646 public water supply systems, to be threatened with pollution.

Yet that is what polluting industries want, and they are pressuring the White House to back away from its clean water commitments.

We don’t think the White House will step away for its goal of protecting our waters, but they need to hear from the public that we want streams, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and beaches free of pollution and safeguarded by the Clean Water Act.

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