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When Polluters Lose, Clean Air Should Win

Big polluters and their allies spent over $270 million on television ads in the last two months leading up to the November 6th election. They promoted oil, gas and coal interests, pushing for greater reliance on dirty energy that pollutes the air we breathe.

But America rejected their agenda and instead voted in favor of a clean energy future that protects our health, creates jobs and addresses climate change.

President Obama now can respond to voter demands and adopt clean air standards that cut dangerous carbon pollution from power plants, limit harmful soot emissions, set standards for smog and reduce toxic emissions from power plants, cement plants and incinerators. These clean air standards will prevent illnesses like asthma attacks and heart disease and begin to address the problems contributing to climate change and superstorms like Hurricane Sandy.

The EPA and the White House have received support from the American people to hold polluters accountable for the millions of tons of life-threatening pollutants that they pump into the air every day. But it is important to remind them that clean air is a priority. There should be no more delay in cleaning up these dirty industries and making the polluters spend money on protecting public health rather than trying to win elections.

Please take a moment to write President Obama and tell him that protecting clean air standards and moving toward a clean energy future are important to you!

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