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Tell Your Senators Why Clean Air Is Important To You
Left Lung, Right Lung: Our Breathing Is Bipartisan

On May 15, more than 100 doctors, tribal leaders, nurses, labor leaders, community activists, and clergy from all 50 states came to Washington D.C to fight for clean air. These Clean Air Ambassadors represented themselves, their communities, and you in this fight.

So how can you help?

Send a letter to your senators and tell them that you want clean air and that you support 50 States United for Healthy Air. Clean air is fundamental to our survival.

Air pollution doesn’t recognize borders, ethnicity, or class. Our breathing is a bipartisan issue, upon which all political parties should agree.

coal ash dust doesn’t discriminate. Carbon pollution causes climate change all over the globe. Smog and soot aren’t limited to local freeways and those living around them. Asthma rates, hospitalizations, cancer and premature deaths are soaring, The cost of dirty air is just too high to pay.

Earthjustice was proud to partner with the American Nurses Association, Hip Hop Caucus, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Latino Coalition on Climate Change, National Council of Churches, and Physicians for Social Responsibility to make 50 States United for Healthy Air a reality.

Join our fight for clean air by telling your senators why clean air is important to you. Together, we can make a difference.

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