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Your Senator Must Oppose Bad Coal Ash Bills

It's unbelievable. What do most coal plants do once they scrub down their chimneys and collect all the toxic coal ash pollutants that didn't escape into the air? They dump it into open, unlined and unmonitored pits.

These coal ash dumps can blow toxic dust over our communities and leach heavy metals into our drinking water supplies. That's why the Environmental Protection Agency is considering regulating the substance as a toxic waste.

Tell your senator to support strong federal standards that will protect us from toxic coal ash.

Earthjustice has succeeded in cleaning up coal plant air pollution, resulting in standards that have saved thousands of lives and are shutting down these major polluters. But coal's toxic reach is vast. We can't let that progress be wasted by transferring coal's toxic effects from our air into our water.

The Senate must not support efforts to scuttle much needed federal protections from coal ash. Please tell your senator that coal ash must be regulated by the EPA.

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