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Reduce Aviation Pollution

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As a former senator, John Kerry frequently spoke out on behalf of the environment. Now, as the Secretary of State, he has the opportunity to make progress on climate change.

International leaders at the International Civil Aviation Organization are currently negotiating an agreement to decrease harmful greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation sector. Secretary Kerry, or his designee, will have the opportunity to join these collaborative efforts and establish a cooperative solution that benefits public health and the planet.

Last year, as you may recall, airlines pushed for and Congress passed legislation giving the government the authority to prohibit U.S. airlines from complying with the European Union’s climate law. Now, the EU program has been scaled back to apply only within EU airspace. This not only satisfies Congress’s concerns with the EU law, but makes way for an international agreement to reduce global emissions from the sector

The aviation sector should not be exempted from attempts to combat climate change. Technologies are available to build better engines and lighter materials. Such measures will not only decrease the emissions of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide but will also save costs on fuel.

Secretary Kerry can advance President Obama’s mission to create solutions that mitigate climate change and ultimately keep our environment safe. Tell Secretary Kerry to act now.


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Act Now to Reduce the Worst Emissions from Aviation

Dear Secretary Kerry,

As a substantial contributor to climate change, the aviation industry--both domestic and international--must take responsibility for its part in global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead of being distracted by counterproductive strategies of the past, which distance us from our allies and enable trade barriers, we should turn our attention to working in a collaborative process to find solutions to better the global environment, profits, and trade.

The technology and materials that will allow us to become more energy efficient are already available and steps can be made to immediately decrease fuel emissions by putting available engine technologies and lightweight composite materials to use.

The time is now, Secretary Kerry, to fulfill your promise to combat climate change. Standards on aviation emissions, regardless of who enacts them, are long overdue, are possible to achieve, and put us one step closer to a safer climate.

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