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Together, We Fight For Clean Air For Everyone

Eric Kayne / Earthjustice

The Environmental Protection Agency offers strong words in pledging "unwavering pursuit of environmental justice for minority, low-income, and tribal communities that have been long overburdened by environmental threats."

Now it’s time for strong action to back up those words by strengthening its regulation of toxic air from oil refineries to protect communities, especially children.

Please join in demanding that the EPA set strong health protections from oil refineries across the U.S. that are dumping toxic, cancer-causing pollutants into already overburdened communities.

Tell the EPA to adopt refinery pollution limits and monitoring requirements that truly protect communities living in the shadows of oil refineries.

Communities forced to breathe too much refinery air pollution from across the U.S. are partnering with us in standing up for their rights. We successfully sued the EPA to review and update its standards for regulating the 22,000 tons of toxic air oil refineries emit, starting this year. The next step is for the EPA to finally do its job to safeguard public health.

Tell EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that she must protect all communities’ right to breathe clean, healthy air, starting now with communities on the fenceline of refineries.


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Show your commitment to protecting public health from oil refineries' toxic air.

Dear EPA Administrator McCarthy and EPA Assistant Adminstrator Janet McCabe,

I want to support the EPA's recognition of the need to review its rules this year, and urge you to greatly strengthen Clean Air Act limits on toxic air emissions from oil refineries. The EPA should adopt emission limits and monitoring requirements that truly protect the health of fenceline communities. The EPA has the duty to use its full legal authority to reduce the emissions of these toxic chemicals from refineries based on the most up-to-date scientific understanding of the impacts of refineries' hazardous air pollution on public health, especially for children.

Because the EPA's own data show that the communities most exposed to refinery pollution are disproportionately communities of color and lower income communities, the EPA must provide environmental justice in this rulemaking. In this 20th Anniversary year of President Clinton's Executive Order, we are counting on you to fulfill your commitment to environmental justice by ending the unfair burden too many local communities bear from refineries' toxic air by finally providing the stringent emission limits that the most-exposed communities so greatly need.

This rule must protect communities from uncontrolled and weakly regulated emission points, including leaks, flaring and explosions, finalize the most health-protective limits on refinery toxic air pollution, and set strong requirements for fence-line monitoring, emission testing, and public reporting. EPA must protect the right of the most-exposed communities to have the information they need about toxic releases, to protect their families and help assure compliance with emission limits.

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