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Stop Pesticide Poisonings

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It's a classic case of profits over people.

We're taking on powerful pesticide and agricultural industries—and we need your help.

Every year, 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides are applied to the fields growing foods that we eat.

And those applying the pesticides are the hardest hit by these toxic chemicals. The men, women and children who harvest our nation's food have one of the highest rates of chemical exposures among all U.S. workers. In fact, tens of thousands of pesticide poisonings happen each year to these workers.

Take action now to help stop these toxic pesticide poisonings.


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Re: Agricultural Worker Protection Standard Revisions

Dear EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy,

An estimated 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides are applied to crops annually in the United States, and farmworkers face a greater threat from these chemicals than other workers, with tens of thousands of farmworkers each year experiencing pesticide poisoning.

While I applaud the EPA for proposing the updated Worker Protection Standard (WPS), there are certain areas that can be strengthened:

* Parity with safety rules provided to workers in non-agricultural industries
* Improved safety training annually and starting before workers enter treated fields
* Restore the central posting requirement so workers have direct access to pesticide-application information used on the farm and in nurseries
* Provide immediate emergency assistance for workers made ill or injured by pesticides
* Workers who speak out need stronger anti-retaliation provisions to match protections for workers in other industries
* No children under 18 years of age allowed to handle hazardous pesticides
* Strict adherence to no-entry rules for areas recently treated with pesticides and all areas around them
* Improved protections and medical monitoring for pesticide handlers

The nation's more than 2 million farmworkers form the backbone of the U.S. agricultural economy and are counting on the EPA to do the right thing.

Thank you for considering this letter as you finalize the updated WPS.

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