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Protect the Clean Water Rule from Imminent Attack

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More than 55 percent of our nation’s streams and rivers are in poor condition, unfit for swimming, drinking or fishing.

Now, after a decade of uncertainty created by the Supreme Court and the previous administration, President Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy have finalized a strong, commonsense rule to make clean water a priority by protecting the sources of drinking water supplies for more than 117 million Americans.

Thank the Administration for protecting clean water!

More than 800,000 Americans like you have called on the administration to finalize the clean water rule. Now it’s time to stand up once again for strong water protections.

Over the past decade, Earthjustice has been working hard to strengthen national Clean Water Act standards, establish legal precedents that raise the bar for polluters, and close loopholes that let polluters off the hook.

The Clean Water rule will:

  • Reduce confusion over which waters are protected by our environmental laws
  • Restore key environmental protections to many waters across the country that are currently vulnerable to toxic pollution
  • Provide hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefits
  • Ensure that our rivers, streams and wetlands are protected for future generations to enjoy

Unfortunately, Congress is determined to put the interests of polluters ahead of clean water, including the quality of the water your family drinks. Members of both chambers are doing everything they can to block this rule so their polluter friends can easily dump waste in our waterways. That’s why it’s critical that we all stand up now to protect our clean water!

Join us in thanking the President for standing up to polluters by finalizing the Clean Water Rule, and urge him to stand strong against congressional attacks.

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Thank you for standing up for clean water

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for standing up to big polluters by finalizing EPA's Clean Water rule making on the Definition of "Waters of the United States." This regulation will ensure that current and future generations of Americans, including me, will be able to enjoy our cherished waters knowing that they are safe and protected from toxic pollution.

Nearly 117 million Americans rely on drinking water from sources that, until EPA's Clean Water regulation was finalized, were not definitively protected under the Clean Water Act. Now scores of families across the country can rest assured that the water they drink from is indeed safe and protected from toxic pollution.

The Clean Water rule that your Administration has now finalized will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefits, is good policy that ends the confusion around which waters are indeed protected under our clean water laws, and provides certainty to businesses that rely on clean water and families that drink, swim, and recreate in clean water alike.

I understand that there have been a number of Congressional attacks against this important regulation, and that those attacks may continue even though this rule is now final. I hope that your Administration will continue to stand strong against these attacks and that you will use your Presidential veto against legislation that undermines this rule or jeopardizes clean water.

Again, thank you for your continued commitment to protect our nation's waters by finalizing the Clean Water rulemaking.

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