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Tell Congress: Keep anti-environmental riders out of budget and spending bills

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The Senate Appropriations Committee has voted out the FY2016 environmental spending bill, S.1645—and it’s riddled with anti-environmental policy riders that seek to undo or block protections for clean air, clean water and wildlife. The Senate has not yet scheduled a date for floor votes on the bill.

Tell the Senate to stop handouts to polluters in budget and spending bills—now and in the future!

This isn’t the first time environmental foes in the Senate have tried to include unrelated and extraneous anti-environmental provisions—aka “riders”—in budget and spending legislation, and it won’t be the last.

In addition to making draconian cuts to the budgets of the EPA and other agencies, the FY2016 environmental spending bill contains riders that would:

  • Stop progress on climate change by blocking the president’s Clean Power Plan
  • Prevent federal agencies from using climate impact guidance developed by the Council of Environmental Quality in making decisions that may contribute to climate change
  • Block the EPA’s recent Clean Water Rule, to which protects small streams that provide drinking water for 117 million Americans
  • Prevent the EPA from strengthening the Clean Air Act’s ozone standard to reduce smog
  • Deny or repeal endangered species protections for gray wolves, lesser prairie chickens, and sage grouse
  • Require that a road be built through congressionally designated wilderness in Alaska’s Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

Tell your senator to vote NO on the FY2016 environmental spending bill and keep anti-environmental riders out of budget and spending bills.

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Please oppose S.1645 and strike anti-environmental riders

Dear Senator,

I urge you to oppose the FY2016 Interior/EPA Appropriations bill, S. 1645, when it comes to the Senate floor. Beyond a draconian $538 million cut to the EPA's budget, the bill is loaded with two dozen anti-environmental riders that threaten our air, water, climate and wildlife.

S. 1645 contains riders that would block the president's Clean Power Plan and CEQ's NEPA Climate Guidance; roll back the EPA's finalized Clean Water Rule; and prevent the agency from strengthening the ozone standard to reduce smog. Another rider seeks to force the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to deny endangered species protections to wolves, sage grouse and the less prairie chicken, as well as to build a road through congressionally designated wilderness in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

Please OPPOSE S. 1645 and support any amendments to strike any of the anti-environmental riders from the bill. I also urge you to oppose any efforts to include anti-environmental riders in budget and spending bills.

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