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Protect wolves and the Endangered Species Act

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Today we’re seeing some of the most serious threats ever posed to the Endangered Species Act.

More than 100 legislative proposals have been introduced in this Congress to weaken and even gut the Act, including bills and amendments that target federal protections for gray wolves.

If we don’t act now, wolves could lose existing protections and be subjected to state-led hunts.

President Trump needs to know that you won’t stand for these legislative attacks on wolves and other species.

One of the world’s strongest and most effective wildlife protection laws, the Endangered Species Act was enacted with overwhelming bipartisan support more than 40 years ago. This law has prevented the extinction of 99 percent of listed species, from the bald eagle to the gray whale.

Yet some members of Congress are working to undermine this incredibly effective law.

These members have added a record number of anti-wildlife measures to House and Senate appropriations bills that fund the Interior Department, as well as to House defense authorization and energy bills.

These measures would block Endangered Species Act protections for a variety of species and populations, including:

  • Mexican gray wolves (despite the fact that there are fewer than 100 of these highly imperiled animals left in the United States)
  • Gray wolves in Wyoming, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin (despite federal court decisions that found proposals to delist these wolves illegal under Endangered Species Act)
  • Gray wolves across the entire lower 48 states (despite the fact that wolves currently occupy just a small portion of their former range in the U.S.)

Tell President Trump to oppose any legislation that hurts wolves and other imperiled wildlife!

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Wolves Need A Good Lawyer, Now More Than Ever Before.


Please protect wolves and the Endangered Species Act

Dear President Trump,

I write to urge you to oppose all legislation that undermines the Endangered Species Act, including anti-wildlife "riders" in the FY 2017 House and Senate Interior Appropriations bills, the FY 2017 House National Defense Authorization Act, and the House energy package that would block federal protections for gray wolves and other imperiled species.

The Endangered Species Act is one of our nation's most effective laws. Passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, the Act has prevented the extinction of 99 percent of the species placed under its protection. This incredibly successful law is also supported by 90 percent of American voters. Yet despite the effectiveness and popularity of the Endangered Species Act, some in Congress are working to undermine it with legislation that would block protections for individual species.

I urge you to uphold our nation's commitment to protecting our natural heritage by opposing all efforts to weaken the Endangered Species Act, including all legislation that undermines existing federal protections for gray wolves.

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