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If you’ve ever used a can of paint stripper, you know it smells toxic. But did you know that even short-term exposure could be deadly?

The toxic chemicals in commercial and consumer paint strippers are responsible for dozens of deaths and countless chronic illnesses nationwide. But now we have a chance to keep them out of homes and workplaces for good.

Under the Toxic Substance Control Act, the EPA recently proposed to tightly restrict the use of methylene chloride (DCM) and N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), two toxic chemicals common in paint strippers. Let’s protect workers and consumers from these dangerous chemicals. Support the EPA’s proposal to ban the use of DCM and NMP in commercial and consumer paint strippers.

Paint strippers containing DCM have been linked to more than 50 deaths nationwide since the 1980s—many from uses like refinishing bathtubs in confined spaces. Long-term exposure has been linked to liver toxicity, liver cancer and lung cancer.

NMP exposure puts women of childbearing age and pregnant women—whether exposed at home or on the job—at risk of harm to their fetuses. And workers chronically exposed to NMP are at risk of liver damage and cancer.

Despite the risks that these toxic chemicals pose, trade groups and businesses tried to kill the EPA’s proposal before it opened up for public comment.

Tell the EPA that there is no excuse for allowing exposures to DCM and NMP in homes and workplaces.

As the EPA rolls out the reformed Toxic Substance Control Act protections, Earthjustice is keeping close watch to make sure that the measures effectively protect our health.

The good news is that safer alternatives to NMP and DCM are readily available—but we need the EPA to ban both of these chemicals from paint and coating-removal products.

The EPA has recently begun to take comments on a proposal to ban NMP and DCM for commercial and consumer uses. Raise your voice and let the EPA know that you demand that the agency protect public health by finalizing the ban.

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Ban commercial and consumer uses of the toxic chemicals methylene chloride (DCM) and N-methylpyrrol (EPA-HQ-OPPT-2016-0231-0001)

Dear Administrator Scott Pruitt,

I urge the EPA to finalize the proposed ban on commercial and consumer uses of the toxic chemicals methylene chloride (DCM) and N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) in paint and coating removal. Chemicals linked to cancer, developmental toxicity and other health impacts don't belong on store shelves.

Safer alternatives are readily available--but we need EPA to ban both of these chemicals from the products available on store shelves and in the workplace. While EPA has proposed two options for regulating NMP, the best option for public health is a ban on NMP and DCM.

Action on these toxic chemicals is long overdue. Please move quickly to ban these toxic chemicals now!


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