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President Obama’s permanent withdrawal of the vast majority of the Arctic Ocean and important parts of the Atlantic from new offshore oil and gas drilling is under attack by President Trump and his dirty-energy allies.

On April 28, 2017, Trump issued an order attempting to reverse the Arctic and Atlantic offshore drilling bans and calling for expanded drilling in our oceans. The attempt to jettison Obama’s historic protections for our oceans is unlawful, and we’re challenging it in court.

Earlier this year, Trump went a step further by proposing a new five-year plan for offshore leasing that would expand drilling to every coast of the United States. This plan puts wildlife, coastal communities, and our climate at risk for the sole benefit of Big Oil, and it takes us in exactly the wrong direction.

For years, Earthjustice has been instrumental in preventing risky and rushed oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, putting tremendous strain on the Arctic’s diverse wildlife and people. Experts agree that an oil spill in the Arctic would be catastrophic and could not be contained in the remote, icy, and stormy seas.

Drilling in the Atlantic could harm unique and critical habitat for whales, swordfish and sea turtles, and threaten the region’s vibrant fishing and tourism industries. Public opposition to Atlantic drilling is strong and growing.

The Gulf of Mexico—already debilitated by drilling and spills—could bear even more of a burden under this proposed plan. The Pacific coast may also be facing federal offshore leasing for the first time in decades.

Opening new waters and expanding existing areas to oil and gas drilling is dangerous and just not worth it. Tell congressional leaders they should condemn Trump’s attempt to open our oceans to new exploration and drilling. Urge them to add their voices to the majority of Americans who support permanently protecting these sensitive and irreplaceable waters.

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I urge you to co-sponsor legislation that keeps our oceans off-limits to offshore drilling and exploration

Dear Congressperson,

I urge you to speak out against President Trump's attempt to re-open the Arctic and Atlantic oceans to new oil and gas drilling.

Wherever it happens, offshore drilling is risky and takes us in the wrong direction in combatting climate change. Expanding drilling in our Arctic and Atlantic oceans would put sensitive marine ecosystems, coastal residents and businesses, and our climate at grave risk. It would lock in decades of carbon pollution and contribute to sea level rise and extreme weather from the changing climate. It increases the likelihood of oil spills that would foul beaches, kill wildlife, and wreak havoc on marine ecosystems and coastal communities.

Our publicly-owned waters should be preserved and protected, not turned over to private oil and gas companies. Trump's order re-opening the Arctic and Atlantic oceans to new drilling denies science, the law, and the majority of Americans who want the federal government to invest in clean energy and protect, not industrialize, these pristine waters. I urge you to add your voice to the effort to safeguard these waters by co-sponsoring legislation that keeps our oceans off-limits to new offshore drilling and exploration.

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