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Massive development threatens Southwest’s last free-flowing river.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering a permit for a massive development that would decimate the San Pedro River—the last free-flowing, undammed river in the Southwest. We need your help to protect this desert gem.

The San Pedro provides an oasis of life for hundreds of species of migratory birds, and jaguars have been seen prowling the nearby Whetstone mountains. The biodiversity of this watershed is so impressive that the San Pedro River has been deemed an aquatic resource of national and international importance.

Your comments play an important role in convincing the Corps to deny the permit and stop this senseless destruction in its tracks. Let the Corps know that this project is not in the public interest and that it must deny the permit.

The Corps’ permit would authorize construction of a 28,000-residence master-planned community on 14,700 acres of desert habitat adjacent to the San Pedro River. The development would destroy up to 75 miles of desert washes that maintain the aquatic and biological integrity of the San Pedro River. It would also suck up to 12,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year from the underground aquifer, reducing flows along the San Pedro. These impacts pose an immediate threat to the river and the fragile ecosystem it supports.

The original permit, which would have allowed the developers to discharge dredged and fill material into tributaries of the San Pedro, was suspended last year after a hardscrabble fight by Earthjustice and its partners. The Corps determined that it was in the public interest to suspend and reevaluate the permit according to the Endangered Species Act.

This is our chance to stop this monster development. Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to deny this permit and protect our imperiled wildlife and their irreplaceable habitat now.

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Public Opposition to CWA Permit No. 2003-00826-SDM (the Villages at Vigneto Development)

Dear Kathleen Tucker,

I strongly urge the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to revoke CWA Permit No. 2003-00826-SDM. Authorizing this permit is not in the public interest and would significantly impact a national treasure, the San Pedro River.

The San Pedro River watershed is considered one of the most significant perennial undammed desert rivers in the United States. It provides a lifeline for hundreds of species of migratory birds, including listed and endangered species.

The proposed permit would result in the destruction of 75 miles of ephemeral streams that support the San Pedro River. The permit would make possible the Villages at Vigneto, a development that would significantly harm surface hydrology, degrading the river downstream. The development would also deplete the underground aquifer, resulting in decreased flows along the San Pedro River and increasing the risk that the perennial sections of the river will run dry.

In light of these impacts, and impacts to the hundreds of species that depend on the river for their survival, I strongly urge you to revoke CWA Permit No. 2003-00826-SDM.

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