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By signing the Republican tax bill into law, the president will also open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of our most cherished and sacred places, to the highest bidder—all in the name of funding irresponsible tax breaks and subsidizing the oil and gas industry.

The coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge is home to hundreds of iconic species, including caribou, polar bears, Arctic foxes and migratory birds from all 50 states and six continents. Drilling on the coastal plain would directly threaten the cultural identity and food security of the indigenous Gwich’in people, who depend upon the Porcupine caribou herd that migrates to and gives birth to its young on the coastal plain.

But despite this disappointing setback in what has been a decades-long fight to protect the Arctic Refuge, Earthjustice and our partners have only begun to fight. Working alongside indigenous and conservation groups that have been in this fight for years, Earthjustice will enforce our nation’s strong environmental laws—laws designed to protect sensitive habitats—in court. Together we’ll fight to hold the line against the extractive industries and government agencies that are all too happy to rubber-stamp dangerous drilling.

Join us and make the pledge to continue defending the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

We will not give up. We stand united with other conservationists and the Gwich’in people in our efforts to prevent drilling from decimating this nursery for millions of migratory birds, polar bears and the Porcupine caribou herd that is so crucial to the Gwich’in people.

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Selling this cherished Arctic landscape to the highest bidder is a grievous mistake

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Today, I pledge to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

As someone who cherishes America's wildlife and public lands, I pledge to continue to oppose drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the wildest place left in America. I will encourage my elected officials to reverse course and pass permanent protections for this unparalleled place. As a taxpayer, I will insist that no federal money be used to facilitate lease sales in this cherished landscape. I will actively support efforts to protect the refuge through enforcement of our country's environmental laws in court.

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