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Protecting the habitat of an iconic western bird—the sage-grouse—can ensure the survival of an ecosystem that supports golden eagles, elk, pronghorn, and mule deer. Your help is needed to prevent the U.S. Forest Service from turning over tens of millions of acres of wildlife habitat across the western U.S. to the oil and gas industry for fossil fuel development.

The sage-grouse, a flamboyant, chicken-sized bird with an amazing courtship ritual, can be found only in the sagebrush plains of the American West. Although its population once numbered over 16 million, that has dwindled to 500,000 due to oil and gas development, livestock grazing and other threats.

The Trump administration is pushing to gut conservation plans for the sage-grouse’s habitat, selling out our public lands and putting rare bird species in danger for the sake of developing unnecessary, dirty fuels.

The U.S. Forest Service is asking for your input on the future of the sage-grouse. Urge the Trump Administration to protect sage-grouse and its habitat!

The conservation plans already in place should not be amended. In 2015, following an unprecedented collaboration among state and federal land management and wildlife protection agencies, as well as industry and conservationists, the federal Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service completed science-based conservation plans to preserve the sage-grouse and its habitat while allowing for reasonable uses of the land.

But the Trump administration, which continues to ignore everyone except fossil fuel lobbyists, is moving ahead with changes to the conservation plans that put at risk the sage-grouse and dozens of other rare species that rely on broad expanses of sagebrush in California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and the Dakotas. This irresponsible move by the Trump administration affects us all.

Urge the U.S. Forest Service to leave the sage-grouse plans alone!

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This is an official comment period regarding the U.S. Forest Service Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Amendments to Land Management Plans for Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation. You can get more information on regulations.gov.
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Zinke Order Opens Door To Cutting Protections For Sage Grouse To Benefit Dirty Fuels


RE: FS_FRDOC_0001-2941 Greater sage-grouse plan amendments--protect the sage-grouse. Save the sage-grouse plans.

Dear Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke:

The health of sage-grouse habitat determines the survival of an ecosystem that supports golden eagles, elk and pronghorn and mule deer.

That's why I strongly support greater sage-grouse conservation and the protection of sagebrush habitat on over 67 million acres of public land, including about 6 million acres of our national forests.

The current sage-grouse plans keep these public lands open for all to enjoy while incorporating key protections for the sage-grouse and its habitat, representing conservation and collaboration at their finest.

The current plans take a balanced approach that was crafted with input from a wide set of interests, including conservationists, recreationists, sportsmen and women, state and local governments, and industry. The key provisions rely on science from state wildlife agencies, federal agencies and nationally recognized experts in the field. The hard work that went into these plans produced a compromise that should not be undone to satisfy the unreasonable demands of the oil and gas industry for unfettered drilling regardless of the ecological damage.

I am very concerned that changes to these plans will undermine the important protections for the greater sage-grouse and its habitat, which supports so many important species and is enjoyed by so many Americans.

Please make the right decision and don't weaken the Forest Service sage-grouse plans that were finalized in 2015 across the West. Leave the sage-grouse plans alone.

Thank you.

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