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Thank you for supporting federal coal ash standards. This advocacy campaign has closed. If you haven't already, please view our new coal ash video, 180 Seconds of Coal Ash Problems. Learn about the Moapa Band of Paiutes and their struggle in the video, An Ill Wind. Earthjustice is working in the courts and on Capitol Hill to protect our right to clean air and water. For more information on our work, visit our Coal Ash Contaminates Our Lives campaign page. And thank you once again for taking action!

To see if there are other actions that you can take, please visit the Earthjustice Action Center. Thanks for your commitment to the environment!

  • Congress is trying to gut the Clean Air Act
    Congress is advancing legislation that would worsen the quality of the air we all breathe. The bill would permanently weaken the Clean Air Act and delay important anti-smog protections that took nearly a decade to achieve.
  • A non-scientist for Chief Scientist at the USDA?
    Nothing about Sam Clovis' record as a conservative talk radio host and Trump campaigner qualifies him for the role of chief scientist, which is why we need you to urge your senator to oppose his nomination.
  • Ban chlorpyrifos now
    The EPA just refused to ban this toxic pesticide from our food. Tell your elected officials to protect children, workers and consumers and ban chlorpyrifos now.

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