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Santa Fe River, May 2012. A close-up of the algae outbreak. Algal blooms can look like a thick mat or foamy scum. Blooms can change the water color to blue, green, brown, orange, or red and may give off an unpleasant odor. (John Moran)

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The comment period for clean water protections in Florida has concluded. For the latest information on our work combating sewage, manure, and fertilizer pollution in Florida waterways, visit our campaign page: Clean Water for Florida.

To see if there are other actions that you can take, please visit the Earthjustice Action Center. Thanks for your commitment to the environment!

  • End Mountaintop Removal Now
    In spite of this science, mountaintop removal mining still continues to devastate communities, destroy mountains, and harm public health across the region. Communities and families urgently need real protection.
  • No Drilling in the Arctic Ocean
    The pristine waters of America's Arctic Ocean are in danger. These waters provide critical habitat for iconic species such as polar bears, whales, and walrus that are already suffering the effects of dramatic climate change.
  • Take Action To Fight Fracking
    Every day we are keeping fracking out of places where it doesn't belong, working to protect people impacted by this dangerous practice, and challenging fracked oil and gas infrastructure projects that will lock us into a future dependent on fossil fuels.

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